Unreal: Obama Rails Against GOP for Not Passing Trade Agreements That are Sitting on His Desk


I caught a bit of a Fox News segment with Greg Jarrett interviewing a couple of political strategists, one sane and the other, well, she was a Obama apologist who couldn’t answer a simple question: Why did Obama rail against Republicans for not passing trade agreements that are sitting on his desk?

Remarkably, it’s a true story.

President Obama says he wants to get the U.S. economy growing, so here’s a tip that may help: In order for Congress to ratify free-trade agreements, the White House must first send the signed deals to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

On his three-state tour in the Midwest this week, Mr. Obama repeatedly told audiences that the Korea, Colombia and Panama free-trade deals would all be law by now if not for an obstructionist Congress. Passing the deals is something Congress “could do right now,” he said.

Except that’s not true. Congress can’t pass the agreements “right now” because it doesn’t have them. They are still sitting on the President’s desk. Seriously

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