‘Why Did You Support Obama?’

D. W. Ulsterman

THIS is what is coming in November. A salt of the earth voter asking a would-be Democrat Senator WHY she supported the man and his administration if everything they seem to be doing is killing of a critical way of life for West Virginians. The candidate in question is Natalie Tennant, and she is very much a deer in headlights at this moment. Try as she might to run away from the job killing policies of Barack Obama, this voter respectfully demands she answer that very basic of questions – WHY. This one man represents millions, and their voices will be heard this November.



By the way, her likely Republican opponent for the open West Virginia senate seat is Shelly Moore Capito. Capito currently leads Tennant by nearly 10 points according to recent polling.



Watch the video at UlstermanBooks.com



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