WNBC reporter Ida Siegal doesn’t know what the hammer & sickle symbol represents

Jim Treacher
The DC Trawler
The Daily Caller

Has it really been that long?

Maybe our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media aren’t hiding the fact that so many lefties are outright communists. Maybe they don’t even know what communism is.

Washington Free Beacon:

NBC reporter Ida Siegal, while covering a May Day rally in Manhattan Wednesday, denied seeing any flags bearing the hammer and sickle and later said she didn’t even know what they meant, when confronted by an anonymous cameraman on whether she would report on the Communist imagery…

I think it has something to do with baking soda, right?…


The article continues, with video of Ms. Siegal, at The Daily Caller.



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Update: Glenn Beck shares his thoughts about reporter Ida Siegal.

From The Blaze, ‘What Do They Represent?’: Reporter’s Response When Asked About Hammer & Sickle Flags at May Day Rally


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