Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of the New Revolutionaries

The Rise and Demise of the Zuccotti Park Commune 

El Marco
Looking at the Left

…On the weekend, the park was packed with people who didn’t necessarily support the “tear it all down” mindset of the Occupiers. The man above [click image to enlarge] is from Shanghai, China, and is protesting China’s recent crackdown in Tibet. The day before I took this photo, a nun immolated herself, bringing the two week total of self-immolation to twelve. This man was surprised when I expressed sympathy for the death of the nun in my first sentence to him. He told me that the Occupiers were oblivious to China’s current crackdown in Tibet…

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El Marco’s entire photo essay is really worthwhile. Go to Looking at the Left.

H/T Trevor Loudon at New Zeal.

Update: An excellent explanation of #OWS [language warning]: Adam Carolla explains the Occupy/Participation Trophy generation (NSFW) (video)

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