Obama’s Cap-and-Trade Scheme for Cars

Rachael Slobodien The Foundry Heritage Foundation 12/26/2012

Ever since the Senate rejected President Obama’s cap-and-trade scheme in 2009, his administration has been hard at work to find other ways to implement a radical, environmentalist agenda.

Obama made these intentions clear at a press conference in 2010 when he explained, “Cap and trade was just one […]

The Chicago way? Obama bullied automakers in negotiations: House report

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 8/13/2012

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight [PDF] released a biting report on Friday regarding the Obama Administration’s unusual and questionable practice of obtaining agreements from automakers for stricter mileage standards.

According to Rep. Issa, the Congressional report [PDF] sheds new light on the extent […]

Auto dealers warn fuel efficiency proposal will price out millions of buyers

Judson Berger FoxNews.com 2/15/2012

American auto dealers are pushing back on proposed fuel economy rules that, they claim, would price out millions of buyers from the new-car market, potentially jeopardizing the environmental benefits of the program and the resurgent auto industry itself.

Throughout the Obama administration’s campaign to jack up fuel efficiency, officials claimed that […]

Obama EPA Headed for a ‘Smack Down’ by Independent CA Truckers

Jeffrey Klein Political Buzz Examiner 1/6/2012

It seems like a day can’t go by without the Obama administration circumventing Congress and the rule of law–once again using their favorite “tool,”–the Environmental Protection Agency.

Congressional Democrats were unable to affect any legislation that would allow them to regulate the exhaust emissions and fuel efficiency of recreational […]

Regulatory Budgets and Jobs Explode Under Obama

Bob Beauprez Townhall.com 8/20/2011

One of Barack Obama’s job creation programs appears to be working – the number of federal government regulators along with their budgets has exploded since 2008.

Total employment at the conglomeration of federal agencies responsible for enforcing compliance with the myriad of laws now exceeds 281,000 people. That’s an increase of […]

When Government Motors and Government Electric meet the Smart Grid…

GM Teams Up With GE to Use Onstar To Track Your Electric Car Through The Smart Grid

Mr Patch W. Adams The P/Oed Patriot 7/30/2011

President Obama has formulated a domestic policy that will transform the U.S. into a “Low Carbon Economy.”

But what the President won’t tell you is that in order to have […]