Has the government restricted airspace over Bundy Ranch?

U.S. govt. bans air traffic over Bundy Ranch in desperate blackout effort to hide secret BLM ‘bovine concentration camps’

Mike Adams Natural News 4/12/2014

Desperate to halt all journalism efforts near the Bundy Ranch and “control the narrative” of lies and disinfo, the U.S. government has now banned air traffic over the ranch, preventing journalists […]

Cape Cod Community Considering Removing $10 Million Wind Turbines

William Bigelow Breitbart.com Big Government 27 Feb 2013


Two wind turbines that were built on Cape Cod are now being considered for removal because local residents are getting sick from their impact on the environment.

In the community of Falmouth, residents are complaining of headaches, dizziness, and sleep deprivation. Falmouth resident Neil Andersen […]

Obama’s Cap-and-Trade Scheme for Cars

Rachael Slobodien The Foundry Heritage Foundation 12/26/2012

Ever since the Senate rejected President Obama’s cap-and-trade scheme in 2009, his administration has been hard at work to find other ways to implement a radical, environmentalist agenda.

Obama made these intentions clear at a press conference in 2010 when he explained, “Cap and trade was just one […]

Germany’s Failing Environmental Projects

Ed Driscoll Instapundit 5/10/2012


The energy-saving light bulb ends up as hazardous waste, too much insulation promotes mold and household drains are emitting a putrid odor because everyone is saving water. Many of Germany’s efforts to protect the environment are a chronic failure, but that’s unlikely to change.

It’s not easy […]

Wind Farms Slaughtering Golden Eagles

Rob Port SayAnythingBlog 2/19/2012

Here in North Dakota, after months of investigation by federal officials, a group of oil companies were charged with crimes in federal court for the death of a couple of dozen common water fowl. Those charges have since been tossed out of federal court, and the partisan Obama-appointed prosecutor responsible for […]

Wind farm paid £1.2 million to produce no electricity

A wind farm has been paid £1.2 million [$1.85 million US] not to produce electricity for eight-and-a-half hours.

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Edward Malnick and Robert Mendick Telegraph [UK] 17 Sep 2011

The amount is ten times greater than the wind farm’s owners would have received had they actually generated any […]