‘Green’ Progressives are smarter than you bitter clingers, so change or die

A poster by World Wildlife Fund via Babalu blog:

Photo of lower Manhattan that was photoshopped to show many planes attacking the World Trade Center. The poster says 'The Tsunami Killed 100 Times More People Than 9/11.' World Wildlife Foundation

Many a truth is oft said in jest (UPDATED)

George Moneo Babalu […]

‘Eco-fascism jumps the shark’ 10:10–No Pressure

Video: The dumbest, most self-defeating ad campaign ever

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 10/1/2010

…the people behind “10:10 – No Pressure” keep trying to get this spot removed from YouTube. As a precaution, I’ve included Stephen Gutowski’s Eyeblast upload to be sure it sticks around, and sticks to the AGW movement like bloody flesh after an […]