Peter Schiff talks about recovery, inflation, debt and investment…

JB3DProductions YouTube 2/26/2013



Update: Have you ondered why your government’s non-military agencies needed to purchase over a billion rounds of ammo? Well, someone has said aloud what many have been thinking:

Palin: Washington buying bullets for us ‘We’re going to default eventually and that’s why feds are stockpiling’

…Palin says the feds […]

A Canadian MP Summarizes America's Collapse

Avoid the Fiscal Cliff – Economic Freedom Speech

Pierre Poilievre MP YouTube 4/18/2012

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H/T Nick Frost, Tea Party Command Center

Former MF Global Chief Risk Officer Sacked For Doing His Job, Disagreeing With Corzine

Tyler Durden Zero Hedge 2/2/2012

Yesterday we noted how a CBO analyst may have been terminated for her conflicting views on model assumptions, especially when they veered away from the Wall Street-defined norm. Today, we find that the same approach to dissent may have been the reason why MF Global ended up taking inordinate risk, […]

A referendum in Britain? Let the people speak!

Farage video: The EU is the Titanic, but Britain is in a lifeboat

Reliapundit The Astute Bloggers 1/9/2012

[MEP Nigel]Farage has been warning that the EU was headed for economic and democratic disaster for years–well before the current crisis…

…Britain might escape the EU debacle…

…But there are hurdles ahead:

I pray the British […]

Eurozone crisis: Late night summit talks to save euro

BBC News 8 Dec 2011

(As of 10:18 PM EST) EU leaders are locked in late night talks at a summit called to tackle the eurozone debt crisis.

The key item on the agenda in Brussels is a Franco-German plan on budgetary discipline, with automatic penalties for eurozone nations that overspend.

Reports say Berlin and […]

Spanish Conservatives Claim Victory in Election

Associated Press via 11/20/2011

Spain’s opposition conservatives have declared victory in a general election marked by staggering unemployment and Europe’s sovereign debt crisis.

With 75 percent of the votes counted Sunday, the center-right Popular Party had 187 seats in the 350-seat lower chamber of parliament, while in the outgoing one it had 154.

Party […]