'SEXED' – Your Tax Dollars Telling Kids How To Have 'Torture' Sex



D.W. Ulsterman UlstermanBooks 6/10/2014

A soon to be released investigative documentary uncovers the insidious content within Planned Parenthood’s sex education program for minors, education that includes a promotion of such things as “torture sex”, including the topics of “receiving and giving pain”, and a “whenever with whomever” approach. This is the same […]

Sowell: A Very Dangerous Game

Thomas Sowell via Breitbart.com Big Government 20 Nov 2013

…New York City police authorities are investigating a series of unprovoked physical attacks in public places on people who are Jewish, in the form of what is called “the knockout game.”

The way the game is played, one of a number of young blacks decides to […]

Illegal Immigrants Say They’re Ready To Be Violent To Get What They Want

DefendWallSt Weasel Zippers 10/17/2013

They’re already breaking the law, why not go for the gold?

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..The frustration, say immigration advocates, is reaching a fever pitch.

That is why, many say, recent weeks have seen activists use chains and pipes to tie themselves to the tires of buses that carry immigrants slated for […]

United States is raising a nation of savages

Todd Starnes Opinion Fox News 8/21/2013

Christopher Lane was gunned down in cold blood – shot in the back as he jogged alongside a road in Duncan, Okla. His alleged attackers were teenagers who told police they were bored and killed the college athlete for “the fun of it.”

The 22-year-old was attending school at […]

Glenn Beck Releases Graphic Video Juxtaposing Media, Obama Administration’s Optimism on Egypt With Horrifying Reality

Erica Ritz The Blaze 8/19/2013

Members of the media and the Obama administration expressed optimism after the “Arab Spring” revolution that ousted former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011. When concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood taking power were raised, many responded either by saying the Islamist organization had no ambitions to take power, or that […]

Christie Signs 10 Gun Control Bills

Matt Rooney The Save Jersey Blog 8/8/2013

Well, this post doesn’t require extra commentary from me, Save Jerseyans. At least not today. The Governor has repeatedly said that we have “enough” gun laws in New Jersey, but here’s ten more. What could I add that you aren’t already thinking?

For now, a signing statement for […]