2013 Misfits Inauguration Ball

20 January 2013

You’re invited to the 2013 Misfits Inauguration Ball! Tomorrow night on TheBlaze TV, Glenn Beck will host champions of freedom, smaller government, and the Constitution (those no longer welcome in Obama’s America). Join the party at 5pm ET and SHARE this invitation with your friends! Get all the details at GlennBeck.com



Update: CoRoNaTioN Day 2013 Some Inaugural cheekiness from ZeroHedge and their readers. Be sure to read the comments there.

Also, via Instapundit:

WELCOME TO THE SECOND TERM OF HOPE AND CHANGE: “See, dissent is evidence of sinister motives. We’ve heard it before, during the fight over ObamaCare and the campaign on raising taxes. We will hear it on climate change and immigration. Only the president is pure, above politics. So when he unleashes his campaign team to function as the spear tip of White House policy, The New York Times actually calls it ‘a grassroots effort.’ Watch for TV ads like those that accused Mitt Romney of being a felon and causing cancer.”

Update 2Obama and Biden sworn in for 2nd term; now officially inheriting problems from themselves


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