ABC News Contributor Admits to Not Knowing What a ‘Caliphate’ Is

Mike Opelka
The Blaze

The term “caliphate” is not new to the news media — unless your name is Donna Brazile.

Brazile is a regular contributor to CNN and ABC News. She was also a campaign manager for Al Gore’s failed White House run in 2000.

On Sunday’s edition of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” during a discussion about President Obama’s anticipated speech detailing his strategy for dealing with the Islamic State, she brought up the term caliphate.

“This is a medieval war that we’re looking at to establish a caliphate. I had to ask Bill exactly what that meant.”

The “Bill” to whom Brazile referred to was fellow panelist Bill Kristol. His response, “I’m an expert on caliphates of all sorts.”

 Watch Brazile’s surprising admission given the coverage the term has received of late…



Watch the video at The Blaze.



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