Ace of Spades: Fiorina vs. Boxer debate

California Senate Debate: Fiorina vs. Boxer

Gabriel Malor
Ace of Spades HQ

That went pretty well. Fiorina made a good introduction to the people of California. Unfortunately, this won’t make a big dent in the polls; there was no knock-out punch from either candidate. Mostly because Fiorina didn’t try and because Boxer, though she was picking at Fiorina’s HP days like mad, couldn’t land a solid hit.

Things I didn’t know about Fiorina before the debate: She supports the DREAM Act, but not “amnesty.” She wants to repeal Roe v. Wade and return to a state-by-state, “let the voters decide” approach to abortion. She wants to repeal DADT. She refused to take a stand on Prop 23, which would overturn California’s greenhouse gas emissions scheme.

As I wrote on twitter, she will have made progress with Latinos and independents. But she will lose ground with women. Boxer is going to exploit the heck out of that with paid media in the next two months. Boxer is going to need somebody to turn out to vote, since Democratic voters are generally going to be demoralized, and it’s going to be the feminist dog whistle all the way.

I’m disappointed that Fiorina let so many opportunities to hit back on jobs go by. She had a tendency to get caught up in the weeds, drifting around the general area of the issue and spitting out plenty of factoids, but never just spelling it out…

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