AFL-CIO Leader Accepts Communist Party USA Award

Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

From The Blaze:

Those who doubt the connection between the communist party and the unions need only to read accounts of a recent awards ceremony to see how both groups view each other.

On Sunday, December 5, the Communist Party USA gave awards to a pair of labor leaders and a former state legislator and assistant attorney general.* Among the recipients was Connecticut AFL-CIO head John Olsen, who not only gladly accepted the award, but garnered “loud applause” when he said he stands with CPUSA.

CPUSA’s webzine People’s World reports Olsen was given the award at the Voices for Jobs, Equality & Peace – People’s World Amistad Awards Concert celebrating the 90th anniversary of the CPUSA.

The event was held in the auditorium of a public high school in New Haven, Connecticut. Whenever you bring up Communism here in America people role their eyes like it’s no big deal or you’re just imagining things. Nope, Communism is alive and well in America. Labor unions have become the vehicle of choice for pushing Communism and Socialism in America. The majority of everyday working union members, many of whom were forced to join, have no idea how radical and anti-American labor unions have become.

Here’s another little gem from the event:

The program opened with a welcome from student members of the Young Communist League who explained that they became involved because they want to make the world more fair and equal.

How’s that for good parenting? Better yet, why not send children to Cuba as foreign exchange students. Let them experience real Communism.

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