Andrew Breitbart Caught in Gay Scandal!

Charles Winecoff

On September 19th, Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck headlined the Right Nation 2010 event in Hoffman Estates, IL. Outside, protesters from Organizing for America, Obama’s sheep-herding initiative, gathered to scream at attendees – and spit on Breitbart. Allegedly people of faith (spitting is awfully earthly), the OFAs were there to combat the imaginary hate-mongering of the two evil white men.

The big surprise came when, as some of the devout leftists were praying – to what is anybody’s guess – others among their flock called Breitbart a homo. Why? Because, they said, he “sounds” gay. I know there’s an appropriate verse from the Bible to quote here, but I’ll just play the video instead.

To be fair, when I first heard Andrew Breitbart speak (on Tammy Bruce’s radio show), I thought he sounded gay too. And later when I met him, I still wondered. Words cascaded too easily from his tongue, sentences poured out too eloquently, too spontaneously. And there was that classic mane of curly gray hair that seemed like something from a past century. With his seductive words, his wicked sense of humor, and his near-clairvoyant knack for speaking truth to power, Breitbart struck me as suburban L.A.’s Oscar Wilde.

But exactly when did being gay become a bad thing, especially for the humanitarians of the Left? Answer: whenever it’s expedient…

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Fruitcake–Don’t Listen To Him


The Left

Update: Read also this excellent article at HillBuzz, “Great Merciful Zeus. Can you imagine if people had stood up to the Left like Andrew Breitbart all this time?”:

…And then, at about 3 minutes into this, a Leftist Democrat woman in a hideous orange-red trench coat gathers up the protestors and tells them to get away from Breitbart because he’s gay.

We wish.

Andrew Breitbart is rock star awesome.  We wish he was gay.

Poppa Bear’s welcome in Boystown eight days a week.

Mmm, hmmm, that’s right.

But, wait a minute, why would that matter to a Democrat?  Isn’t the Democrat Party supposed to be the only party gays are allowed to belong to?  That’s what they keep telling us here in Boystown, anyway.  That if you are gay, you must be a Democrat.  Even if Democrats, like the low-rent Carmen Sandiego impersonator in the video above (getting the most wear possible out of her Halloween costume in this Depression), use “gay” as a pejorative slur against someone like Breitbart, whom they want to target, ostracize, polarize, and make ineffectual…

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