Biden To Reporter: ‘Don’t Screw Around With Me’

Rob Port
Say Anything

Granted, the reporter is Jason Mattera whose ambush style is admittedly pretty provocative, but I think he asks an honest question here. Is it really appropriate to make the debate over the President’s jobs bill (which couldn’t even pass the Democrat Senate) a “you’re with us or the rapists” moment?

Apparently, the Vice President thinks it’s a good rhetorical tactic.

Biden mentions rapes and murders in Flint, MI again, with the premise of his argument being that the President’s jobs bill will provide more funds to hire more cops. Thus, less raping and murdering.

Except, as I pointed out previously, the City of Flint has been pouring millions into “green” buses among other line items you’d think would be of a lower priority than law enforcement.

If rapes and murders are such a problem in Flint – and to be sure it looks like the numbers Biden cites are accurate – then why don’t they prioritize law enforcement over hybrid buses?

Why should the federal government deficit spend to bailout out the poor priorities of cities like Flint?

Watch the video of VP Biden at Say Anything.

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President Obama’s so-called Jobs Plan has nothing to do with jobs and economics. On that score, it is already a proven failure. Rather, the plan is pure politics: a ploy to make Republicans bear the responsibility for the President’s economic fiasco, with proven to fail policies he knows the Republicans were elected to stop and can’t support. The political calculation is that the public is too stupid to figure out both the economic fallacies in the plan, and the dishonesties in the political attack, which accuses Republicans of the exact political cynicism in which the President is engaged.

That is a Saul Alinsky strategy: accuse your opponents of doing what you are doing. Recall that the President previously served as a tutor of Saul Alinsky political tactics…

Update: Black Activists Object to Extremist Rhetoric From Obama and Supporters in Defense of Expensive Jobs Bill

Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are condemning the divisive, radical rhetoric used by President Obama and his supporters in promotion of the President’s $477 billion “American Jobs Act.”…

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