Big Green Outspends Big Oil


Anthony Pignataro:

Just want to take a few moments to congratulate Steve Maviglio, the official spokesman for the No on Prop. 23 campaign. Back in June, Maviglio told me that there was no way his little upstart effort built on non-profit environmental organizations to stop the Yes on 23 camp from dismantling our state’s global warming regulations could compete in terms of campaign contributions.

“I think it’s safe to say we’ll be outspent by the deep pockets of the oil companies,” he said.

Well, today’s Los Angeles Times says Maviglio is wrong, Wrong, WRONG. Turns out that Big Green may, in fact, trump Big Oil.

“As of Thursday, opponents of Proposition 23 had raised $19.6 million, more than twice as much as supporters of the initiative, which is mainly funded by major oil refiners based in Texas, Kansas and Ohio,” the Times reported.

Twice as much. Ouch.

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