Bombs Away on Obamacare; Cruz is Over the Target

Sarah Palin
Big Government
21 Sep 2013

…Let’s be clear. Republicans in Congress aren’t advocating a government shutdown. That’s why they voted in the House to fully fund our bureaucracy while defunding Obamacare. The conservatives in Congress are listening to the majority of Americans who do not want Obamacare.

Following the will of the people is apparently a novel idea in D.C. these days. Just ask Senator Ted Cruz and his liberty-loving posse on Capitol Hill who have led the charge to defund Obama’s train wreck.

Those of us who hang in there supporting a major political party with our energy, time, and contributions would like to believe that that party would praise principled conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for following through on campaign promises. We’d like to believe that the GOP establishment would applaud the way these bold leaders have rallied the grassroots to their cause. But, no, such praise would require a commensurate level of guts and leadership, and the permanent political class in D.C. is nothing if not gutless and rudderless.

We’re now, once again, subjected to the “anonymous sources” backstabbing game. The Capitol Hill cowards are rushing to anonymously denounce Senator Cruz to any reporter with a pad and pen…

…If the Senate doesn’t get behind Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare, it won’t be because of any failure on Ted’s part. It’ll be because there weren’t enough principled leaders to stand with him, and that would be a tragic loss, not for Ted, but for America…


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Related:   Rand Paul Fires Back at AP, Says He’ll Continue to Fight ObamaCare Funding

…Paul said he thinks the key is that the House did its job, and now Senate Republicans need to fight to get to that point.

“I still support the effort and I’ll still vote to defund Obamacare.”

Paul added in an email after the interview that he “will not vote for any CR [continuing resolution] that funds Obamacare,” and that “if there is one penny for Obamacare I will vote ‘no.’”

As for an outcome of what will happen in terms of which “impasse” he said the House and Senate will end up at, he said he does not know. “I can’t tell you the outcome but I can tell you A or B,” meaning that either there is a filibuster of the House bill to prevent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from stripping Obamacare defunding language from the House CR, or the Senate succeeds in stripping the defund language and the House holds strong by going to a conference and negotiating further takedowns of Obamacare.

“It isn’t my job to guess how this ends,” Paul said in the email, adding that his job is to fight against Obamacare.   “It is my job to stand up against Obamacare,” Paul said…



Sarah Palin tells gutless GOP senators to ‘Woman up’ and stand their ground on ACA



Our Narcissistic President “The GOP is Messing With Me”

…“Unfortunately right now, the debate going on in Congress is not meeting the test of helping middle class families,” Obama said. “They’re not focused on you. They’re focused on politics. They’re focused on trying to mess with me. They’re not focused on you.”…



Media Decry GOP’s Fighting Spirit

…The media know that the health care law is unpopular and that the Republicans have a winning issue in their fight to repeal it. Obama has delayed implementation of key aspects of the law because it was poorly conceived and rushed through without adequate review. Defunding the law is the only legislative mechanism available to House Republicans to save the American people from this unfolding disaster. The House has the power of the purse, and the media know it.

That is why the media enthusiastically quote “experts” such as Rove in order to try to derail the push to defund the law. CNN’s Gloria Borger argued, “… even Karl Rove in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal today said look, Republicans are essentially on a fool’s errand here.”

In the end, Senate Democrats will protect Obama and his law. But is that a reason not to engage in a public fight to defund it?…



Update: Palin: Release Names of Top Republicans Who Encouraged You to “Trash” Cruz

…On Sunday, [Chris] Wallace said that establishment Republicans are so worked up that Cruz is leading the defund Obamacare fight that he immediately got unsolicited questions and research on Cruz from “top Republicans” before Cruz’s appearance.

In an appearance on Washington D.C.’s Fox 5 to preview his Sunday show, Wallace said, “I will tell you I have never in my time in Washington seen a party so upset with one of its own members.”…



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