British security warns terror attack likely during Royal Wedding

Carol Greenberg
Conservative Outlook

As the wedding date between Prince William and Kate Middleton nears British intelligence has warned there may be a terror attack by the Irish Republican army somewhere in the UK.

Most probable areas are Belfast or Londonderry with the purpose being for distraction from the wedding.

Security in London will be extremely tight. MI5 states focus will not be just on the IRA but on the Real IRA and the Oglaigh na hEireann as well.

PC Ronan Kerr, 25, was killed in an explosion near his home in Omagh earlier this month sparking the alert. The last time there was a bombing by the IRA in Britain was in 2001 when a bomb went off outside the BBC station.

ANALYSIS AND COMMENTARY Let’s hope they “get hitched” without a “hitch.” FYI anyone interested in watching the nuptials, coverage begins in the US Friday, April 29 at 4am EDT.

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