British security warns terror attack likely during Royal Wedding

Carol Greenberg Conservative Outlook 4/25/2011

As the wedding date between Prince William and Kate Middleton nears British intelligence has warned there may be a terror attack by the Irish Republican army somewhere in the UK.

Most probable areas are Belfast or Londonderry with the purpose being for distraction from the wedding.

Security in London […]

America’s Royal Irony

Robert Stacy McCain The American Spectator 4/20/2011

…Romance is not logic…and a new century evidently requires a new “Wedding of the Century” to inspire new storybook dreams. And so we must brace ourselves for the transatlantic media onslaught leading up to April 29, when Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales — to accord him […]

Though not invited, FLOTUS still wants to attend royal wedding

UK: After Not Being Invited to Royal Wedding, Michelle Obama Says She Still Wants to go…

Zip Weasel Zippers 2/23/2011

But..but..but Barack gave the Queen such an awesome gift, his speeches on an iPod and the PM a collection of DVDs.

(Telegraph)- Michelle Obama is likely to exasperate courtiers with her comments about the royal […]

British Intel: Al-Qaeda Planning Massive Terror Attack on Royal Wedding…

Zip Weasel Zippers 1/11/2011

With no shortage of jihadi cannon fodder in the Islamist-infested UK.

LONDON – Al-Qaeda intends to carry out a massive terrorist attack during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, a senior official in British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office told Yedioth Ahronoth Monday.

According to the source, the British intelligence […]