CBS Wonders: Will Nobel Prize Become Obama’s ‘Poison Chalice’?

by Kyle Drennen
October 9, 2009

On Friday’s CBS Early Show, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer wondered about negative political fallout from President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win: “one European commentator who said ‘will this become a poison chalice?’ In other words, is this going to hurt the President rather than help him?…is this going to widen the part of partisan divide rather than bring people together?”

Schieffer spoke with Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez, who asked: “Clearly a surprise to everyone, including the White House, for the President to be awarded this less than nine months into his term. And already some people are questioning whether he deserves it.” Schieffer expressed that skepticism: “My first reaction was, ‘what?!….It’s almost as if they’re saying ‘we’re giving you the Nobel Peace Prize for winning the election.’…I can’t recall anybody who won this prize for his aspirations. People usually get it for results.”

During 11AM CBS breaking news coverage of the President’s acceptance speech, anchor Jeff Glor got more Scheiffer reaction: “Is this more a commentary on the current administration and the current president or the previous administration, Bob?” Schieffer replied: “It’s almost as if the committee today was giving Barack Obama a prize for not being George Bush.”

Schieffer went on to repeat some of his concerns about the award:

This, I am afraid, is going to widen the political divide in this country, not bring it closer together. And you can already see that. The Republican National Committee has already put out a strong statement saying this will just remind people that the President has not backed up strong rhetoric with any kind of action. And now the Democratic National Committee is responding by saying the Republicans are aligning themselves with the Taliban. Now it begins. And I think this is not going to help the President. It’s not.

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