Chris Matthews and liberal panelists: Where’s the birth certificate?


A unanimous verdict: All three think it’s time to release the long-form.

You bought the ticket, Neil Abercrombie. Enjoy the ride.

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Also at HotAir, New Hawaii governor: We’re going to put a stop to this Birther crap once and for all

New Zeal has numerous articles about governor-elect Neil Abercrombie. Here’s one from July 2010: Obama File 107 Neil Abercrombie, Yet Another Covert Socialist in the Obama “Orbit”

Neil Abercrombie was a long time Hawaii Democratic Congressman and is currently running for the Governorship of that state.

While in Congress, Neil Abercrombie was one of Barack Obama’s earliest and most vocal supporters.

This is not surprising, as there is a close Obama/Abercrombie family connection and seemingy many shared values.

While studied at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa in the early 1960s, Abercrombie attended classes with and befriended current United States President Barack Obama’s parents, Stanley Ann Dunham and the young Marxist economist Barak Obama. Sr

Common American Journal also has articles pertaining to Abercrombie.

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