Connecticut Dem Jokes About Corruption

Daniel Halper
The Weekly Standard

Bridgeport’s Democratic mayor Bill Finch, a supporter of Connecticut congressman Chris Murphy‘s bid for the U.S. Senate against Republican Linda McMahon, jokes about corruption:

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch is at it again. The Democrat who presided over a 2010 vote casting and counting scandal in the tight race for governor was caught on video Friday guaranteeing Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Christopher Murphy a big result in the state’s largest city–even if it takes days to count.

Bridgeport provided a crucial and dubious margin of victory to Democratic and Working Families Governor Dannel P. Malloy in 2010 amidst unprecedented chaos at the city’s polling places. The 2010 Bridgeport assault on democracy included photocopied ballots, altered hours at polling places, a mysterious bag of votes and Finch’s abuse of the city’s emergency notification system to increase turnout on Election Day.

Murphy, locked in a dead heat with Republican Linda McMahon, needs the grimy Bridgeport Guarantee. He got it from Finch on Friday while visiting small businesses in the poverty-wracked city. A laughing Finch boasts even if it takes a couples of days to get the results,”You can be guaranteed you’re going to get the vote.” Two years after the 2010 fiasco, it remains no laughing matter to the rest of Connecticut.

Murphy and Finch served together in Connecticut’s state Senate for four years.

Watch the video at The Weekly Standard.

UpdateConnecticut Senate Candidate Uses Norwegian Vessel In Ad

…Late last week, the Murphy campaign released an ad touting the candidate’s alleged support for the Electric Boat plant in Groton, Conn., despite having voted at least twice to cut funding for submarine manufacturing at the factory.

Unfortunately for Murphy, his campaign team carelessly used stock footage of a Norwegian diesel-powered Ula class submarine in his ad as an example of the types of vessels made by the Connecticut plant. The submarine used in the Murphy ad is in fact manufactured in Norway, France, and Germany…

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