Convicted Felon and Democrat Strategist Robert Creamer Visits White House Five Times in August–Tie to #Occupy?

Joel B. Pollak
Big Government

Michelle Malkin reports today, based on the Obama administration’s latest document dump of visitor logs, that convicted fraudster and community organizer Robert Creamer has visited the White House sixty times since January 2009–five times in August 2011 alone.

As first reported at Big Government, Creamer is the apparent architect of the Democrats’ political strategy for imposing Obamacare on the nation, composing a “blueprint”–that was later endorsed by high-level Obama advisers–while he was in federal prison. Creamer also claims to have been “one of the major architects of the successful 2005 campaign to defeat the Bush plan to privatize of Social Security.” In 2010, Creamer led efforts to rally the Democratic base by demonizing Republicans and making wildly optimistic predictions of victory:

The article continues at Big Government.

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