Did Obama Just Lie To Israel Again?

Doug Book
The Western Center for Journalism

Is the Gaza cease fire agreed to by Benjamin Netanyahu based on a lie told to the PM by Barack Obama?…

…why would Morsi agree to the placement of United States soldiers in Egypt’s Sinai region? After all, he’ll win few Egyptian friends by inviting American troops into the country and certainly none among his Muslim Brotherhood peers. Yet according to Israel’s Debka, during a conversation with P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu, “Barack Obama personally pledged to start deploying US troops in the Egyptian Sinai next week,” (that is, yesterday or today!)  And Obama obviously needed Morsi’s permission to do so. In fact, it was only this promise that convinced Netanyahu to accept the cease fire as Obama guaranteed American soldiers would halt the smuggling of arms through Sinai to Hamas in Gaza.

But did Obama lie to Netanyahu? According to Egypt’s Daily News, “there is no truth to what has been published on Israeli websites on plans for the deployment of US troops in the Sinai as part of the ceasefire agreement in Gaza between Hamas and Israel.” Is this statement by the Egyptian armed forces true? Did Netanyahu lie about what he was told by Obama?…

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