Elizabeth Warren Struggles To Answer Basic Questions In First Presser As MA Sen-Elect

Tony Lee
Big Government
12 Nov 2012

Massachusetts Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, in her first press conference last Thursday after defeating Sen. Scott Brown, displayed a glaring lack of knowledge and confidence about the issues voters presumably elected her to solve and the campaign she had just run.

In fact, Warren, a liberal professor whose supposed intelligence and convictions the mainstream media often fawned over, came across as awkward and unprepared, as she did when she tried to deflect questions about her questionable Native-American heritage last spring.

When reporters asked her about the fiscal cliff, Warren could only say, “right now, the parties are in negotiations,” and, “well, I think that’s where it is.”

When asked which Senate committees interested her, Warren refused to answer…

…According to the Boston Globe, Warren, after her aides presumably realized how much of a disaster the press conference was, came back and told reporters — many of whom were present at the original press conference — that she had to be more careful in making public pronouncements during her transition period and attributed her awkward answers to her desire to be “discreet.”

Then, Warren turned to an aide — in front of reporters — and asked,“Can I say that? Maybe it’s indiscreet to talk about discretion.”…

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…“Openess and honesty” never were Warren’s trademark.  Only liberals in Massachusetts and Hollywood  bought into that narrative

I have an idea, press.  Finally try to get real answers from her for a change, now that the Kool-Aid effect has worn off.

The Boston Globe covered for Warren at every turn, burying its correction of the false story of her having Cherokee ancestry, running puff pieces on Warren alongside hit pieces on Brown, pretending that Warren’s family lore had validity when the facts in its own story proved otherwise, and refusing to investigate Warren’s law practice and likely filing of false employment forms even as it went to court to obtain meaningless testimony from Mitt Romney in an old divorce case of the founder of Staples.

With the exception of The Boston Herald, the rest of the Massachusetts press was no better.

You bought into her, now she owns you.

And she’s flipping you the bird, like she did the Cherokees.  Get used to it.

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