FreedomWorks vs the Party of…uh…Tolerance…or something


This post comes with a warning: this is sick and sad and filled with obscenities. The calls and emails are from those on the Left who are angry that a voice-over actor was fired by Geico, who was angry about something that never happened.

Naturally, we believe Geico should be given support for having done the right thing.

Meanwhile, have a listen (without the children in the room) to the party of peace and tolerance.


Geico voice actor fired after insulting tea parties
David Weigel
Washington Post

Sometimes you have a headline that makes the rest of the story superfluous, but here’s the background. Actor Lance Baxter, otherwise known as “D.C. Douglas,” currently known as the man who informs you how much Geico can save you on car insurance, left a message last month with FreedomWorks in which he asked the group how many “mentally retarded” people it had on staff and what it would do when a tea partyer “killed someone.” On April 14, FreedomWorks put his voicemail online.

Today, Douglas reports he’s been dropped from Geico’s campaign. His dramatic news release is here; he claims to have been motivated by “the recent gay and racial slurs slung by Tea Party members at Congressman Barney Frank and Representative John Lewis during the Health Care Reform Weekend,” and says he’s “open to any attorneys taking on this case pro bono.”

In the meantime, if you want to hire him:

Well, after this story made news, FreedomWorks began getting feedback for having exposed Lance Baxter’s behavior. After you view this, you’ll understand why these callers don’t get what the problem is…

FreedomWorks Destroys Leftist Meme
Founding Bloggers

This hasn’t been a great day for the Left as far as viral video goes.

First, Jim Hoft interviews a little girl reacting to having the riot squad called on her.

Now, FreedomWorks is airing the vile messages that Progressives have been leaving on their voicemail, mixed in with images of Progressives marching around with very disturbing and racist signs which they use to attack Republicans and Conservatives.

Real classy.

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