General Roberts Resigns, Latest of Many Removed Under Obama

Mark Allen
Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

Continuing an alarming trend of general-grade officers being forced into retirement under the Obama Administration, Brigadier General Bryan Roberts abruptly resigned earlier this week. Roberts, the Commander of Fort Jackson, the Army’s largest training post, also oversaw the training of Iraqi security forces and worked on the Joint Staff of the Pentagon. Somewhat unsurprisingly, he resigned under allegations of misconduct; apparently, according to the Army Criminal Investigations Division, General Roberts was in an “altercation” with a woman.

No criminal charges are being filed, but if General Roberts’ case sounds oddly familiar, that’s because it is; a slew of the military’s top officers have been removed from service under the Obama Administration, not a few of them accused of “misconduct”…

…At least seven high ranking and high profile officers in the US military have been forced into an early retirement by the Obama Administration, most of them men who commanded forces in Afghanistan, or were involved with the debacle in Benghazi. It doesn’t take a very astute man to find this highly suspicious, and worthy of noting. If Obama is blatantly firing officers who disobey him, or men who threaten to expose his corruption, he sure is leaving a pretty obvious trail.


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Update: Lawmakers Angered by DOJ’s Defunding of Young Marines 

A Louisiana sheriff, whose department sponsors a national chapter of a youth military organization, is receiving bipartisan state and congressional support in his fight against the Department of Justice after it denied funding because the program’s oath placed “special emphasis on the love of God and fidelity to our country.”…




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