A blazing indictment of Obama administration decisions on Iraq

Michael Barone The Washington Examiner 7/6/2014

Here’s a shocking story from American adviser Ali Khedery on how the Obama administration leaders kept Nouri al-Maliki as prime minister of Iraq, and how that has led to the apparent breakup of Iraq today.

Khedery, the son of Iraqi immigrants to the United States, is fluent in Arabic […]

General Roberts Resigns, Latest of Many Removed Under Obama

Mark Allen Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children 7/12/2013

Continuing an alarming trend of general-grade officers being forced into retirement under the Obama Administration, Brigadier General Bryan Roberts abruptly resigned earlier this week. Roberts, the Commander of Fort Jackson, the Army’s largest training post, also oversaw the training of Iraqi security forces and worked on the Joint […]

FBI Intimidation of Koran Burners and Media Double Standard

John Schulenburg GatewayPundit 9/10/2010

Hopefully the rest of the country will be disturbed as I was by news yesterday of the FBI visiting the Koran burners.

An effort to intimidate? Of course that would be the first assumption, but who knows what really went down. With the behavior we’ve seen from this administration the past […]

Bible burnings of recent times, but who cares

Flashback Video: Bibles Burned by U.S. Government, May 2009 theblogprof 9/10/2010

Flashback Video: Bibles Burned by U.S. Government May 2009

I mentioned 2 days ago that the MSM is ignoring the burning of Bibles in recent history, among other things, while feigning outrage over a planned Koran burning event that has since been cancelled: Everyone […]

Petraeus Opposes a Rapid Pullout in Afghanistan

Dexter Filkins The New York Times 8/15/2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — Gen. David H. Petraeus, the commander of American and NATO forces, began a campaign on Sunday to convince an increasingly skeptical public that the American-led coalition can still succeed here despite months of setbacks, saying he had not come to Afghanistan to preside over a […]

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