George Soros bashes Tea Party, laments 'absence of proper global governance'

Renee Nal
Conservative Examiner

In an OpEd published at the Moscow Times on Sunday regarding his perception of the state of the global economy, billionaire George Soros made several radical observations.

After noting that “All of the looming problems for the global economy are political in character,” he decried austerity, claiming that that the European Union “could easily be destroyed” by “stagnation.”

Soros said that policies imposed by Angela Merkel of Germany in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis are “are giving rise to extremist movements,” citing her insistence that “each country should look after its own financial institutions and that government debts should be paid in full.”…

…Regarding the United States, Soros praised the “Republican establishment” for “fighting back” against the Tea Party, who he referred to as a “coalition of religious and market fundamentalists.” Soros expressed anger over the so-called “government shutdown” and relief that “the fiscal drag exerted by sequestration is also about to expire.”…



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