Glenn Beck’s keynote speech to Christians United for Israel

Pledges $100,000 donation to CUFI

Glenn Beck

Tuesday night, Glenn Beck spoke before the Christians United for Israel Conference in Washington D.C as part of their “Night to Honor Israel”. In the speech, Glenn called for Christians everywhere to unite and stand for Israel…


Update: Though the video has been removed, here is what Freedom’s Lighthouse had to say about Senator Ted Cruz’s speech to CUFI:

…Cruz spoke on the great need to support the nation of Israel. He said it is imperative that the alliance between the U.S. and Israel “remain entirely and eternally unshakeable.”

Sen. Cruz slammed Barack Obama for sending weapons to Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria. He suggested a good rule of thumb should be: “Don’t give weapons to people who hate us. Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill us.” He also hammered Obama for supporting the radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Cruz said the nation of Israel will need her friends in the United States to stand up for her if Israel takes action to stop Iran’s nuclear program. Cruz reminded everyone that strength is a great deterrent to our enemies. He hit Obama’s recent speech in Germany, pointing out Obama’s weakness in the face of our enemies, and saying it was fitting Obama spoke on the “east side of the Brandenburg Gate.”

“The Berlin Wall did not come tumbling down because of openness and tolerance and because a bunch of folks with flowers in their hair singing Kum-bay-ah. It came down because we had an American President with the moral clarity to say our policy toward the Soviet Union can be summed up in one simple formula: ‘We win. They lose.’”

Cruz speaks with the ringing voice of clarity and strength. He set forth the need here for a strong American Foreign Policy and Presidential Leadership that understands “America and Israel are not what’s wrong with the world.”


We suggest readers might check the link to see whether Brian has been able to restore the video.



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