Global scepticism

The Ulster Herald [UK]
12 Feb 2010

Phelim McAleer is about to become the most hated man in the room…

…’Not Evil, Just Wrong’, [is] the product of Phelim McAleer and partner Ann McElhinney’s efforts to scrutinise the “hysteria” surrounding the environmental movement and the claims of Gore’s film.

‘Not Evil, Just Wrong’ asserts that the science global warming alarmists use to back their claims is flawed and will cause more harm to the lives to ordinary people than climate change ever could…

…the 2006 film ‘Mine Your Own Business’, …[directed and produced by both] Phelim and Ann [McElhinney].

The film documented a dark side to the environmental movement, where rather than being pro-environment, environmentalists were effecting an anti-development policy for the poorest regions of the world. “They really do believe that people in remote areas are ‘poor but happy.’ Of course, the people who live in poverty disagree.”

Phelim says it was the journalist within that inspired him to ask hard questions of environmentalists, and it was through this he found a story worth doing. “People expect journalists to automatically be environmentalists. But journalists need to stop being environmentalists and rediscover their scepticism.”

That scepticism would soon turn its attention to the issue of global warming during the production of last year’s film, ‘Not Evil Just Wrong.’ Billed as the “antidote” to ‘An Inconvienent Truth,’ the film seeks to debunk the claim’s of Al Gore’s global warming campaign film and questions the agenda behind it.

“There’s a big anti-progress, anti-development, anti-American agenda running through environmentalism and I wish they would be honest about it. China emits more carbon than anyone yet none of the protest signs are in Chinese.” …

The entire article is at The Ulster Herald.

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