GOP seriousness

Jeff G.
Protein Wisdom

It’s been mentioned before, but something to watch as a gauge of how seriously the GOP establishment took the message sent them by the Tea Party earlier this month is to whom they give the Chairmanship of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

One candidate getting serious consideration is Fred Upton, whose voting record shows (among other things) an affinity for both the EPA and federally mandated light bulbs, support of “green energy” initiatives directed by government agencies, opposition to a 2009 Republican amendment to cut Environmental Protection Agency funding to its 2008 levels, and support for a Democrat bill hamstringing border security.

In short, Upton is precisely the wrong kind of Republican to be chairing the House committee responsible for writing legislation about interstate and foreign commerce, energy generation and conservation, travel and tourism, and consumer protection…

…The Tea Party movement didn’t end with the November elections. In fact, the hard work begins now.

Time to get busy.

* * *

Protein Wisdom has the list of committee members who will meet on 29 November to discuss who will become the next chairman. In the comments section of their post are links to a petition, committee members’ phone numbers, and other valuable resources for you to use in making your voices heard.

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