Gov. Patrick Says There’s Nothing He Can Do For Justina Pelletier

Is He Lying?

Michael Graham
The Natural Truth

State reps Marc Lombardo and Jim Lyons keep fighting the good fight on behalf of Justina Pelletier, and they’ve taken the battle where it belongs: Gov. Patrick’s office.

But the Patrick administration’s response is that it’s all out of their hands. In an April 1, 2014 letter to the House Republican Caucus, Governor Patrick stated that, “DCF does not have the authority to determine when and if custody should be returned to Justina’s parents; that authority is held solely by the court.”

That’s weird. Because according to Judge Johnston’s ruling in the Justina Pelletier case, the reason she was taken into custody in the first place was because “at the outset, the MA DCF filed a report of neglect of Justina by her parents with the CT DCF.” That’s Deval Patrick’s DCF that filed the first allegation of “neglect.”

But what neglect? …



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