Graham: Do As Liberals Say, Not As They Do–Part XXXVIII


by Michael Graham
The Natural Truth
September 2, 2009

State Rep. Michael Rodrigues is right–you’d have to be an idiot to pay Massachusetts’ ridiculous taxes. The fact that he voted to raise those taxes is beside the point.

However, the fact that he pulled into a NH liquor store with his state rep “HOUSE 29” vanity plate was, well, pretty dumb. Of course MA politicians are hypocrites (how many of them pay the old, higher income tax rate as they are allowed to by law?). It’s the shamelessness that annoys me.

And if you think we’re annoyed, imagine how the folks at Wattupa Package Store in Westport feel. Their store is at 155 State Road. Rodrigues’ address is 151 State Road. So he drove 100 miles to buy booze he could have bought from his local constituents. What made their booze so uncompetitive? Laws passed by Mike Rodrigues!

Feel the love, Massachusetts.

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