Gunwalker documents released late today contradict Administration

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner

A news story released just over an hour ago by Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News shows that documents dumped late today by the Department of Justice (DOJ) contradict statements made by Attorney-General Eric Holder and other DOJ officials concerning what they knew about the Gunwalker scandal and when they knew it.

The documents contain a memo showing that the head of the DOJ’s criminal justice division, Assistant Attorney-General Lanny Breuer, knew of the illegal operation as early as April of 2010. This is a contradiction to statements made by Attorney-General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama that no one in the Justice Department had any information of wrongdoing concerning the Gunwalker project.

According to Attkisson,

Gunwalking is a controversial investigative tactic in which police allow suspects to traffic guns without stopping them in order to see where they end up. Documents just released this afternoon show the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, Lanny A. Breuer, learned about the tactic of ATF gunwalking as early as April of last year.

In a memo, Brueuer’s deputy wrote him that, in a case called “Wide Receiver” started under the Bush Administration, “ATF let a bunch of guns walk” in an effort to catch the big fish of Mexican drug cartels and said the gunwalking case could be “embarrassing” to ATF.

Breuer had also stated earlier this year that he knew of similarities between the Wide Receiver program and the ‘Fast and Furious’ program implemented under the Obama Administration.

But in a memo released today by Breuer in response to the document dump, Breuer contends that he did not inform Holder and other DOJ officials of the information–an oversight he claims he regrets.

Republicans who are investigating the scandal in the House and Senate immediately jumped on today’s release of information as proof that Administration officials have consistently lied in testimony before Congress…

The article continues at the Conservative Examiner. Also at the Examiner, A “pivotal week” in Gunwalker probe.:

…On Thursday, October 27, Hillary Clinton was grilled by Congressman Connie Mack concerning her knowledge of the Fast and Furious scandal. Again, as with all Administration officials, Hillary claimed to know nothing about the scheme ‘except for what had been reported after the fact.’

That same Thursday, this reporter helped break a story that rumors were swirling around D.C. that former Deputy Attorney-General David Ogden had secretly turned over to Issa’s committee highly damaging documents that would shed new light on the Gunwalker scandal. Issa’s committee would neither confirm nor deny that they possessed such documents…

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