Heads Up: The ‘Cook the Books’ Campaign is Underway

The Ulsterman Report

A brief email message from our longtime D.C. political operative tells us to watch for some serious polling data manipulation to favor the Obama presidency as 2012 is underway.


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Not sure if you are abroad or not but wanted to get this message to you so you know what to specifically watch out for in the coming weeks and months.  Got word there is a comprehensive polling and economic data program about ready to be launched via some administration operatives and particular media outlets.  Big time cooking the books on this polling data they will be pushing out there soon.

Told Wapo will be one of if not the first.  Urge you to read beyond the polling headline and you will find the facts behind the numbers.  All campaigns attempt to do this kind of thing, but nobody gets away with it as much as the Obama administration.  It will prove to be a huge obstacle for whoever the GOP nominee is. And this is just the start.

These polls are fabrications intended to shape public opinion.  They are not reflections of public opinion.  That make sense?  The poll itself will be regurgitated to other secondary media.  That is how we did it over and over again in 2007 and 2008.  We used the polling to work against Hillary, and then we used the same platform of tricks to use against and paralyze the McCain campaign…

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