Sharyl Attkisson: 'Journalism is suffering from a crisis of its own making'

AFPFoundation YouTube 6/1/2015

Sharyl Attkisson is an Emmy award winning investigative journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller: “Stonewalled.” She joined us as a keynote speaker at Right Online 2015. As the title of her book clearly depicts, her run ins with the Obama White House weren’t what journalists have been used to […]

Journalist admits he perpetuated a lie with ‘hands up, don’t shoot’: I was wrong

Nicole Haas BizPac Review 3/17/2015

The revelations brought to light by the Justice Department’s investigations into the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., prompted a liberal journalist to write an online confession Monday that he had been wrong.

Johnathan Capehart’s Washington Post piece was titled, “Hands up, don’t shoot was built on a lie.”


‘Strategy to save a failed presidency’: Obama schmoozes media behind closed doors

Tom Tillison BizPac Review 9/14/2014

In another attempt to manipulate the media message machine,President Obama held yet another private meeting with select journalists before last week’s prime-time TV address.

Obama informed the country on Wednesday that he plans to ramp up military action against Islamic State militants who control large swaths of Iraq and Syria. […]

Washington Post in hole, keeps digging

Thomas Lifson American Thinker 4/9/2014

…the Post, rather than salvaging its reputation with a serious inquiry into how it ended up publishing what can most kindly be termed phony partisan propaganda, is making its situation worse, with a misleading, off point correction published Monday.

In case you are unfamiliar with the controversy, Post reporters Steven […]

Did the Washington Post Collaborate With Congressional Democrats to Smear the Koch Brothers?

The Investigation Continues

John Hinderaker PowerLine 3/31/2014

So far, I have heard nothing in response to my email to Washington Post reporters Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson about their possible coordination with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Congressman Henry Waxman or other Democrats in writing the article about the Keystone pipeline that I critiqued here and here. […]

Gas attack: How Democratic donors benefit financially from climate policy

Matthew Continetti The Washington Free Beacon 3/21/2014

…Steyer pledged to remove himself from the operations of his hedge fund, Farallon Capital Management, in the waning days of 2012, when he was being considered as a possible secretary of Energy in the second Obama administration. But he remains an “outside limited partner” with the firm, and […]