Henry Waxman AWOL on NEA and ACORN

by Ari David

I am running for Congress for the seat currently held by Henry Waxman and the events of the past week give me the opportunity to highlight the differences in ideas and actions between Congressman Waxman and Myself.


So, what would Ari David do about the NEA and ACORN scandals?

I would unleash Congressional hearings on ACORN and hearings on all of the government officials involved in the NEA propaganda conference call. I would also immediately call a press conference and do whatever I could to make the media cover the story.

[Rep. Henry Waxman, D-CA]

One perk of being in public life is being able to draw attention to an issue. These scandals are issues that are screaming for more public attention.

As Ben Shapiro pointed out in his BH piece, laws may have been broken and if they were, we must find out what Obama administration officials knew and when they knew it. We must find out what they did and what they tried to do to either obey the law or break it.

The public hearings I would hold on the NEA scandal would have all the players involved testify under oath. This would include Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, Buffy Wicks, Yosi Sergeant and many others. As we say in Hollywood, it would star a cast of thousands.

I would grill these people and hold them to account for breaking President Obama’s pledge to clean up Washington and keep lobbyists and lobbying out of his administration and then, if criminal wrongdoing occurred and if no prosecution or investigations by the justice department took place, I would call Eric Holder to testify as to why.

On the ACORN issue, I would call the Rathke brothers to testify about the institutional failure and corruption that the community group is filled with and make sure the public had every opportunity to be aware of the collusion between ACORN and the SEIU. I would also do everything I could do to force ACORN to open their accounting records to the public.

The NEA and ACORN scandals must end with accountability for the responsible parties at every level. It would be one of my jobs as a Congressional member to ensure that the public had access to the truth.

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