House Votes to Undo 4 Years of Obama’s Immigration Policies

Josh Siegel
The Daily Signal

The GOP-led House voted today to undo major portions of President Obama’s immigration policy, including his recent executive actions and an earlier program that allowed immigrants who entered the country illegally as children—a group known as Dreamers—to stay.

In voting 236-191 to pass a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security through the end of September, the House approved five amendments that revoke four years of Obama’s immigration policies, such as his November directive to defer deportation for up 5 million immigrants living in the country illegally and granting them work permits.

But the most contentious amendment, a measure that would end a 2012 program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, was barely approved 218-209, with 26 Republicans voting no, and zero Democratic votes…



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…Today’s vote lays bare a scandal of the first order. Our Constitution does not give the president the power to enact legislation by decree, or to alter legislation previously passed by Congress. Yet that is precisely what Obama has done, by purporting to change the nation’s immigration laws by executive order. I am not aware of any respectable legal argument to the effect that what Obama has done is constitutional, and he himself has admitted publicly on something like 23 occasions that he does not have the power to do, legally, what he has now done. This may be both the most serious and the most blatantly unconstitutional usurpation of power in our history. And yet, to my knowledge not a single prominent Democrat has spoken up in defense of the Constitution…



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Update: Mark Levin: Boehner is “Play Acting” Because He Thinks You’re Stupid (audio)

Mark Levin says Boehner, bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce, is play acting in the House right now as he rails against Obama’s illegal amnesty because he thinks you’re stupid. Levin points out Boehner is talking out of both sides of his mouth because he has already admitted that he’s going to fully fund DHS in a ‘clean bill’ which will including everything immigration because they control it.


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