How the Soros media is reporting on Nina Easton’s “Fortune” SEIU article


Yesterday we carried Nina Easton’s article about an SEIU mob arriving on 14 school buses to protest outside the homes of bank executives in her neighborhood, “What’s really behind SEIU’s Bank of America protests?

The children of Bank of America executive, Gregory Baer, found themselves terrorized by the protesters. The police were reluctant to respond to Easton’s and Baer’s calls because they didn’t want their appearance to “incite” the crowd.

This story, to us, is yet one more demonstration of the need for a strong Second Amendment. But that’s just our opinion. In the spirit of Cass Sunstein’s new vision for the internet we offer a sampling of how the Left sees this incident, how the Soros-financed media is now reporting the story.

From SEIU‘s website:
Nina Easton & the Bank Lobbyists: Too Close for Comfort, by John Vandeventer

…But there was one woman that everyone remembers. She came running outside while Mark Freeman was preparing to tell how Bank of America is trying to kick him and his family out of their home. The bank jacked his payments up until he could no longer afford them – then foreclosed on him. As he was getting ready to talk, a woman came storming across her lawn, screaming at us to shut up and go away – telling us we had no business being there.

That woman was Nina Easton, Washington editor of Fortune magazine. The next day, she got on the phone with Stephen Lerner, head of SEIU’s banking reform project, and ranted some more. And, today, she’s continuing her rant in an article for Fortune magazine and CNN Money.

Ms. Easton paints a terrifying picture of a “mob” with pitchforks and torches outside her window. The problem is, her story doesn’t quite mesh with the facts. More on that in a minute.

The really interesting question here is: why is Ms. Easton so angry? And why has she decided to use her position as a member of the media to air her own personal rant at the people who showed up to share their foreclosure stories?…

Media Matters for America:
Attacking SEIU, Nina Easton fails to disclose husband’s ties to Bank of America“, by Brian Frederick

Following protests outside the home of a Bank of America executive, Fortune‘s Washington Bureau Chief Nina Easton wrote a scathing column attacking the protesters and SEIU. Easton and her family live across the street from the B of A executive in Chevy Chase.

Easton is also a Fox News contributor, so the network brought her on today and gave her own segment to attack the protesters. After all, Easton was there, so she could give a first person account of the protests.

All the more reason, then, that Easton should have disclosed — in her column and on Fox News — that her husband has ties to Bank of America…

The Huffington Post:
Nina Easton, Fortune Columnist, Compares Bank Protesters To ‘God Hates Fags’ Group“, by Arthur Delaney

Greg Baer's house on Sunday

Nina Easton and her husband Russell Schriefer were outraged Sunday when a loud, raucous protest arrived on their neighbor’s front lawn in Chevy Chase, one of the nicest neighborhoods on the edge of Washington. The event, organized by the SEIU and National People’s Action, targeted Greg Baer, deputy general counsel for Bank of America, for the bank’s role in the foreclosure crisis.

Collateral damage: The loud noise woke Easton and Schriefer’s two-year-old. When Schriefer came outside to complain, the protesters shouted him down.

On Wednesday, Easton, an editor at Fortune magazine, said in a column that the protesters went too far by targeting a person’s private home. She wrote that the SEIU has joined the ranks of “radical animal-rights activists and the Kansas anti-gay fundamentalists harassing the grieving parents of a dead 20-year-old soldier at his funeral.” (That’s the “God Hates Fags” crowd.)…

And that’s just a sampling of the most prominent sites, each demonstrating again just how Alinsky’s rules for radical works.

To them, Nina Easton is wrong for feeling upset by this invasion of the private property of a neighbor, and doubly wrong for also being married to a Bank of America executive. Gregory Baer is wrong for being a life-long Democrat who also happens to work for Bank of America. But the SEIU mob isn’t wrong, even though they were trespassing and creating a disturbance in a residential neighborhood. And, yes, Americans have lost their homes. But surely, they couldn’t bear any responsibility, could they? After all, aren’t they entitled to home ownership, whatever their circumstances? Maybe Mr. Freeman’s mortgage is actually one of the 96% in America owned by the Federal government.

At CAJ we know many people who have lost their jobs and are doing everything they can to work with their lenders to save their homes. But, in the end, these folks acknowledge the banks do not owe them a home and they are prepared to make other decisions based upon their present situations.

Perhaps these citizens taking responsibility for themselves are the exceptions, though, in this new and rude American welfare state, in this culture of entitlement.

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