I say Alinsky them…


One of the rules of Saul Alinsky was to make people live by their own rules knowing that they can’t.

Yesterday Pam Geller, a fearless foe of Jihad was informed by PayPal that she is considered a “hate site” and is removing her ability to raise the small amount she does via them.

SIOA and FDI just got notified as well. There are no accidents. I said repeatedly in news stories that the money for the bus ads came from my websites — that there were no large donors. So the global jihad, choking on petrodollars, is trying to shut down my little spigot.

Robert Stacy [McCain] is properly outraged:

An Associated Press article about Geller last month quoted Faiza Ali, of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who accused Geller of a “long-standing history of anti-Muslim bigotry.” Geller said Saturday she is considering pursuing legal action against PayPal’s attempt to attach a “hate” label to her site.

“What do they expect me to do, stop blogging about jihad?” said Geller, whose blog emphasizes national security issues, Mideast policy and the War on Terror. “These are strange times. And they’re going to get stranger still.”

She is on the right track, but she can do one better. There are an awful lot of sites that use paypal including pro-jihad sites. If she can show discrimination (and it won’t be hard) the potential payoff for a company that is linked to eBay is large enough that even liberal lawyers would be anxious to be a part of it.

Alternatively they can publicize each of these sites that get paypal funding and sue paypal for each site that is kept up…

The article continues at datechguy.

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