In The Moments Before 9-11…

The Conservative Pup

My blogosphere friend Andrew Roman compiled a video a while back of various news programs in the moments before the attack on the World Trade Center began.  His video As It Happened–Before The Bulletins, captures the on-air live reactions as the second plane hit in full view.  It is fascinating to watch, and think back to our own day that day.  What we were doing before someone called and said, “Turn on the TV, quick!”

Andrew has taken a hiatus from his blogging for the time being, but I hope to see him back at Roman Around soon.  In the meantime, watch his video and remember.  Let us never forget this.  Let us never forget history.

Also, in an interesting turn, just this past August, six and one-half years after he finished and posted his video,  it was mentioned (and attacked) in the Sunday New York Times Magazine.  You can read his story of creating the video, and his rebuttal of the magazine article at Proof Positive.

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