Interpol immunity: the story that won’t go away

Anthony G. Martin
Columbia Conservative Examiner
January 2, 2010

The Obama executive order granting INTERPOL–the International Police Organization–immunity from U.S. law is a story that won’t go away.

At first only a tiny group of astute bloggers sounded the alarm about the issue. But now not only has the story gone viral but the state-run media (SRM) has picked up on it.

Although he has been unable to get any answers due to White House stonewalling, ABC News’ Jake Tapper has written about the order even though, unfortunately, he seems to think the biggest story coming out of it is conservative ire.

The New York Times took a similar point of view.

To say that it is disturbing and troublesome that the traditional, established media would ignore serious questions about the executive order and focus instead on conservative reaction would be an understatement. The function of a free press is to question everything in order to get to the truth.

But today’s traditional media, which I call the ‘state-run media’ due to its unprecedented allegiance to and cheerleading for the Obama Administration, barely questions anything this President does until such a furor is raised among bloggers that they are forced to deal with the issue. And even then, they deflect and divert attention to an insignificant part of the story–the ire of conservatives–in order to avoid dealing with the substantive questions that Obama’s actions have evoked…

…INTERPOL, working in conjunction with the International Criminal Court–the entity that wishes to haul in American officials to face charges of ‘war crimes’ and other such nonsense–made sure that Israelis, not ‘Palestinians,’ were placed on the international ‘most wanted’ list.

[Mark] Tapscott goes further in the Washington Examiner to ‘lay it on the line in plain English’ what the Obama executive order means…

The article continues at the Examiner.

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