Agenda 21 Treaty on the Horizon

Henry Lamb Gulag Bound 5/13/2012

While liberal journalists continue to claim that Agenda 21 is just a “conspiracy theory” being advanced by right-wing crackpots, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL) have released their fourth Draft of the International Covenant on Environment and Development. This […]

A.G. Eric Holder Clears Bush Officials In Torture Probe – Sets Stage For ICC Entry – Will Obama Open That Door?

by John L. Work 2010 February 23

A few weeks ago I wrote a post here at NRB on a news item that got very little attention from American readers. It’s well-worth revisiting now. The Obama Administration announced through an anonymous source on or about January 31 that no one in the Bush Administration […]

Interpol immunity: the story that won’t go away

Anthony G. Martin Columbia Conservative Examiner January 2, 2010

The Obama executive order granting INTERPOL–the International Police Organization–immunity from U.S. law is a story that won’t go away.

At first only a tiny group of astute bloggers sounded the alarm about the issue. But now not only has the story gone viral but the […]

Obama Executive Order Alters Your Legal Protections

Obama has given an international organization unsupervised freedom to investigate Americans on our own soil without recourse or the supervision of our own government.

by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown 1/1/10

With the signing of an under-publicized amendment to Executive Order 12425, Barack Obama has fundamentally altered your constitutional rights. His actions are […]

More on continually-breaking story of INTERPOL immunity

Anthony G. Martin Columbia Conservative Examiner December 30, 2009

As word continues to spread about Barack Obama’s secretive executive order in the middle of the night on December 17, which grants full immunity to INTERPOL on American soil, a more complete picture is emerging about this disturbing–and frightening–action on the part of the President.

Liz […]

Troubling Interpol questions remain; White House stonewalls

by Anthony G. Martin Columbia Conservative Examiner December 29, 2009

Troubling questions remain concerning the secretive Executive Order Obama signed in the dead of night on December 17, which grants INTERPOL, the International Police Organization, full immunity from U.S. law.

In the face of these questions, the White House is engaging in stonewalling.

Of the […]