Jim Hoft: Immigrant ID law has been on the books for 70 years

Jim Hoft

The tenured law professor senior lecturer who claims to be a history buff sure messed this one up.

The lecturer in chief reacted hastily to the the new Arizona immigration law. Obama said it was “irresponsible” and threatened “the basic notion of fairness that we cherish as Americans.”

…The law has been in the books for 70 years and the new Arizona bill just reinforces this national immigration law.
Byron York reported:

Some people might not know that since the 1940s, federal law has required non-citizens who are in the United States permanently to carry on their person, at all times, the official documents proving that they are here legally — green card, work visa, etc. That has been the law for 70 years, and the new Arizona law does not change it.

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