John Kerry and Barack Obama: A Dangerous Foreign Policy Duo

The Democrats’ 2004 presidential nominee has his eye on the secretary of State spot in the next term.

Anne Bayefsky

John Kerry, the man who failed to become president in no small measure because his foreign policy ideas scared the heck out of Americans, was determined to get even at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last night. He delivered an angry, derisive speech, which he hopes will catapult him into the position of secretary of State under a second Obama administration. Along with the few lines that the president devoted to foreign relations, the tag team’s performance was a stark reminder of the serious dangers which an Obama-Kerry duo would pose to our national security…

…Kerry and the president were upset by the [Romney] suggestion that Russia might be a “geopolitical foe.” Apparently, “friend” is a better word for a country that built Iran’s first nuclear reactor, balked at U.S.-led missile defense systems in Europe, stymies action on Syria, backs a bellicose non-negotiated UN state of Palestine, and poisons, assassinates or jails its own citizens for demanding free speech and the rule of law.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, was their common allegation that a Romney-Ryan ticket is “new to foreign policy” – a very strange complaint considering that the President came into office having virtually no experience with anything going on in Washington at all. Diplomacy might just relate to Romney’s running an Olympics for 2,400 athletes from 77 nations, or the international trade work involved in a governorship, and as chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan monitors resources for our military – necessitating a close understanding of its missions and its needs. It’s more likely to be Ryan’s co-sponsorship of bills like the 2011 UN Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act – which the Obama administration vehemently opposed – that’s the rub.

The president made no effort to respond publicly to the exposure of the anti-Israel belly of the DNC beast during the adoption and amendment of the party platform segment on Jerusalem. That made sense, considering former Congressman Robert Wexler, a member of the DNC platform drafting committee, has suggested that the omission was a deliberate effort to bring the platform into line with the president’s actual policies….

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