Judge Napolitano’s Warning: Americans Should be Aware of What the Government is Trying to Do to Our Privacy

Happening Now
Fox News Insider

A new controversial measure could potentially impact every American who owns a car. Beginning in 2015, all cars will be required to be fitted with a black box data recorder, known officially as “event data recorders” or EDRs. These black box recorders work much like the ones on airplanes, capturing data related to a crash. In some cases, authorities can tap into a car’s EDR to check vehicle speed, airbag deployments, and pedal application a few seconds before and after impact.

Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed this bill on Happening Now. He thinks it’s very interesting Congress would do this because a few states tried to put GPS devices in cars without search warrants and the measure was invalidated by the Supreme Court.

He makes it clear, saying, “The legislation has not yet been signed by the president and it isn’t even, as you say, in final form yet, but the American public should be aware of what the government is trying to do to our privacy.”…

The article continues, with video, at Fox News Insider.

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