Congress is About to Pass a Bill That Restricts Traveling, Driving and International Banking

Simon Black Business Insider 4/18/2012

The U.S. Passport Act of 1926 is an obscure piece of legislation that was enacted decades ago when the idea of passports started catching fire around the world.

Subsequently absorbed into U.S. Code Title 22, the law was originally intended to authorize and issue passports for citizens to travel abroad.


Judge Napolitano’s Warning: Americans Should be Aware of What the Government is Trying to Do to Our Privacy

Happening Now Fox News Insider 4/19/2012

A new controversial measure could potentially impact every American who owns a car. Beginning in 2015, all cars will be required to be fitted with a black box data recorder, known officially as “event data recorders” or EDRs. These black box recorders work much like the ones on airplanes, […]

Senate Bill 1813: Power to Confiscate Your Proof of Citizenship

KrisAnne Hall 4/17/2012

What if you had to make a business trip overseas tomorrow only to find out that, even though the IRS does not issue your passport, the IRS has revoked your passport? This is a possible reality if Senate Bill 1813 passes through Congress.

SB 1813 is titled, Transportation Research and Innovative Technology […]