‘Just look at what Robert McChesney wants’

Free Press: Too radical even for Obama officials

Neil Stevens

Some were skeptical when the idea was raised of a split between FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and the Communist organization known as Free Press. We’re so used to the President being the furthest left holder of his office since the Carter years at the earliest, that we forget sometimes there are real unabashed hammer and sickle wavers out there.

Just look at what Robert McChesney wants. He co-founded Free Press and he wants nothing less than the gradual nationalization of the mass media in America. He calls it “media reform” and it’s as statist and wrong for America as “health care reform” turned out to be.

Genachowski sure isn’t going to forget how much the radical neo-Marxists hate his guts, though, not when Free Press buys a large add calling him a “$ellout” in a move reminiscent of MoveOn’s disgusting and libelous attack on General Petraeus.

Why are they so angry at him? Well, it’s easy: He’s actually choosing to meet with ISP officials before making any decisions on how to regulate those ISPs. You’d think it’s common sense, but ideologues like the Free Press gang won’t have anything of it.

No matter that the FCC is also having closed door meetings with the Media Access Project, Public Knowledge, Free Press itself, New America Foundation, Google, and other left-leaning, pro-Net Neutrality corporations and organizations.

The fact is, despite marching orders from Barack Obama, Genachowski wants to talk with everybody before doing anything. That’s what regulators are supposed to do. They aren’t directly accountable to the voters, so they engage with the stakeholders.

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