Lawmakers Agree on 1600 Page $1.1 Trillion Cromnibus Spending Bill and Here's What's Inside

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For those of you who don’t know, cromnibus stands for ‘continuing resolution’ + ‘omnibus’. But I like to think of it as ‘crony omnibus’. Either way, it’s a 1603 page $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill that funds the government through September of next year. However it only funds Homeland Security through February. And lawmakers have just agreed to it and a vote on it will come THIS WEEK.

The link is here where you can read the entire bill.

Here are some highlights from Fox News reporter Chad Pergram…



The article continues at The Right Scoop.

Also at the site, Mark Levin: Gruber Hearing Pointless Because Republicans Are Going to Fund Every Penny of Obamacare (audio)

Mark Levin wouldn’t even play a clip tonight from the Gruber hearing today because he said it was pointless. He argued that Republicans have already decided to lay down and fund every penny of Obamacare which makes today’s hearing a waste of time because they aren’t going to do anything about it…


Related: Lame-duck Congress tries to deliver a lump of coal to military families

Those commandos who went into Yemen to try and rescue Luke Somers on Saturday? Congress thinks they should have their scheduled pay raise cut; that they need to start paying a co-pay on their and their families’ medications; that the annual adjustment in housing allowance their families receive should be reduced in 2015 so that it is 1 percent below inflation.

Just before Christmas, the Grinch that is the lame duck Congress is poised to pass a National Defense Authorization Act that cuts the pay and benefits of the entire uniformed active duty military, including the young men and women at sea and away from their families this Christmas, the kids in basic training and the soldiers at the DMZ in South Korea as well as across Afghanistan, Iraq and of course in Africa containing the Ebola plague…


Update: Ted Cruz: “Hell Will Freeze Over” Before Establishment GOP Listens to American People

…Wednesday, Cruz forced a procedural roll call requiring a 60-vote majority on the “clean” debt ceiling bill, despite Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s forceful urging he allow the legislation to go through with only a bare-majority vote. Cruz said Republicans should have united against the cloture motion, preventing the debt ceiling from being raised.

“If 41 Republicans had stood together and just voted no, the clean debt ceiling, the blank check for President Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi want would have been denied,” Cruz said. “And for all of them who say I am just a crazy rebel, the last 55 times the debt ceiling has been increased, Congress has attached meaningful conditions to it 28 of those times. It’s the only leverage point that has ever been effective.”…



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